creative escapes


What started in January 2017 as a travel guide series has now grown into a global community of like-minded creatives sharing a passion for inspiring stories and aesthetic places - what we call "Le Beau Voyage."
With these first creative escapes, we are bringing our vision to life in an attempt to foster deeper connections and inspire new ideas, collaborations, leaps of faith.
In 2018, we are hosting four creative escapes in New York, Paris, Amsterdam, and Tokyo. Each one of them is meant to tell a story that is deeply rooted in the city's DNA: New York is the city of reinvention and entrepreneurship, Paris is famous for the "Parisian woman," Amsterdam is the city of design and Tokyo is sophisticated minimalism.
These escapes are a way to connect with the most interesting local people - the entrepreneurs, the makers, the artists, the designers..., on a journey to discover not just a destination, but its creative soul. 

New york. chapter ii

September 12th-15th, 2018


A spa for your creativity.


Beautiful places + Inspiring stories



October, 2018


amsterdam, design

October, 2018